The unique impact of haberdashers in the UK’s national lockdown

Like a phoenix, the haberdashery industry has risen from the ashes. Rebirthing itself as a facilitator of creative pursuits such as dressmaking, knitting and sewing, which has kept many thousands of people merrily occupied through some of the hardest times in our recent history. With the dawn of national lockdowns, this industry found itself in a unique position to help many to get through difficult times with calming, creative pursuits. So, what is haberdashery and how did haberdashers come to play such a key role?

In the UK, a haberdasher is an individual or business that sells a range of small articles/accessories (such as buttons and ribbons) that can be used for a range of in-home activities such as knitting, sewing and dressmaking. Haberdashery is the use of these articles, often by hobbyists, to create unique and creative pieces of clothing or accessories. Haberdashery is a favourite past time for many, that can be done indoors.

With the beginning of the UK’s lockdown in 2020, there was a big increase in the number of people buying supplies from haberdashers; from those looking to start a new and creative hobby, to those starting their own creative business at home. There is an infinite number of ways haberdashery enthusiasts can pursue their hobby; by creating items for close ones, to designing items for special occasions, like Christmas or Halloween.

How did haberdashery play an important role in 2020? The lockdowns took a toll on the mental health of many of us, with the loss of activities, jobs and loved ones. As a result, Haberdashery has become a boon for many; being not only a way to get creative, but also as being a soothing past time that keeps us in the moment. In fact, it has been found in a study of over 3000 knitters, that the hobby significantly promotes both feelings of happiness and calmness! This can help to explain the growing impact haberdashers are having for many, promoting our creativity, giving and wellbeing.

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