The future of clothing? Tailor-made clothing is thriving in the UK apparel market

Most of the clothes we wear came to be created through standardised, industrial processes that deliver reliable and cost-friendly apparel to the public. However, this way of making clothes has raised issues concerning creativity, individuality and sustainability. In response to this, the growing tailor-made clothing industry is going from strength to strength across European and American apparel markets.

A key difference between manufactured apparel and tailor-made apparel, is how far they go to be perfectly matched to the needs of the customer wearing them. For many, non-tailor-made clothes are convenient and cheap enough to buy, but for increasing numbers there is real concern about how these clothes are made, their sustainability, their quality, and ability to allow each of us to fully express ourselves.

So how does the tailor-made clothing industry design and create clothing to perfectly suit our needs and preferences? A relatable way to see how it works, is recalling visiting a suit store. While standard suit designs and sizes are displayed, these shops go the extra mile by offering in-house tailoring and re-sewing of the suit to precisely compliment your figure; depending on the shop, you can even customise aspects such as colours and materials.

Tailor-made apparel stores can do this and more. You can also get dresses, t-shirts, jeans and much more custom-made specifically for you! For those us looking for the perfect sizes, materials and designs for own body, tailor-made clothing businesses in the UK often help with taking these aspects of our clothes to further perfection. With a range of services such as Cut-make-Trim (CmT) modifications, all the way to totally bespoke consultations and creation of your desired clothing; tailoring boutiques offer a unique approach to your clothes that cannot be matched by mass apparel producers presently. Though they too are catching up in light of the great benefits of producing clothes bespokely.

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Tailors multiply the value of their creative designs by the materials and tools they use for them; as Benjamin Franklin once said, “the best investment is in the tools of one’s trade”. At Tacura, we are devoted to providing cutting-edge, quality tools for tailors, many of which are exclusive to our business. With a wide range of products from tailors’ shears and scissors to industry equipment such as presser foots, we have got you covered. You can explore the full range of our quality apparel tools in our apparel section. You can also contact our friendly team here for advice on the best materials and tools for your needs.