Handcrafted Mattresses: Making a comeback?

The diversity of individual needs and the growing science behind sleep hygiene has led to increasing interest across the UK for hand-crafted mattresses, specifically made for the needs of each customer with consummate skill and detail.

While developments in mattress materials have kept pace with mass manufacturing, allowing the public to enjoy better sleep through improvements in popularised fabric designs such as memory foam, as opposed to cheaper and older spring-coil versions. For those mostly concerned with getting a healthy, good night’s sleep, many modern mattresses can readily meet these needs.

However, there is a sizeable minority particularly drawn to the methods and benefits offered more exclusively by more traditional bespoke mattress crafting; among these benefits are the custom sizes, a range of tight-knit, hypoallergenic materials, professionally sewn designs, and a range of eco-friendly fibres. Which make these beds an ideal choice for a wide range of people.

The seeming magic of hand-crafted mattresses is made real by the specialist tools and techniques employed by these craftsmen to create reliably meticulous, comfortable, and appealing designs. Whether its novel machines such as bespoke spring formers, to specialist tools like sewing scissors - the time and effort needed to create these mattresses distinguish them from the standardised mattresses we often see today.

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Great mattress makers take care to make sure they are not limited by the tools and materials they are currently using. At Tacura, we care deeply about ensuring producers and creators can easily access quality tools and equipment at a great price, with a truly customer-focused service oriented to giving you the best experience. You can contact us here for a bespoke quote on our sewing and cutting materials for your business.