The importance of Left-Handed Scissors

Studies show that 10% of the population are left-dominant, or left handed. The majority of scissor and cutting products on sale are made for right-handed people. Tacura, however, stocks a big range of left-handed scissors that make cutting easy for any lefty.

It's important for a left-handed person to use the correct scissors because of the way in which scissors are constructed. Take our Elk 10" tailors shears, on the right-handed pair, they have been crafted so that the user, (if right handed) can achieve straight, clean cuts every time. Our left-handed Elk 10" tailors shears, have had the blades reversed, so that when the user applies pressure to cut, the same straight, clean cut can be made. 

This is due to the way in which scissors are constructed, if a right handed user cuts with a right handed pair of scissors, then they will push with their thumb and pull with their fingers, ensuring the blades cut as normal, if a left-hander uses these, then the blades would instead 'pull away'.

Our range of left handed scissors can be used for lots of textile applications, here's some our bestselling pairs:

Elk 10" Left Handed Tailors Shears
Elk 6" Left Handed Sewing Scissors
Elk 8" Left Handed Straight Handle with Curved Blade Shears


Make sure you are cutting with the correct pair of scissors today, using left-handed scissors as a lefty can ensure you are making quality, precision cuts every time.

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