How to care for your Elk Scissors

A pair of Elk scissors can be a lifelong partner for anyone. Made using quality, traditional techniques and high performance materials, Elk scissors are available for a number of projects or tasks, such as tailoring, kitchen and cooking, arts and crafts and much more.

However, longevity requires proper care and maintenance to help them perform at their best for years to come. Here are 3 essential tips for caring for your Elk scissors:

  1. Clean them after every use
    After every usage, make sure you are cleaning your Elk scissors. Even if they don't look dirty, it's important to give them a proper clean by wiping the blades carefully with a dry, soft cloth, if something is more stuck on the blades, then use a soft bristled brush. Do not use water or water based cleaners on your blades, this can cause rust which can severely impact the performance and longevity of your Elk scissors.
  2. Store them correctly
    Once you are finished with your cutting task, it's vital to store your Elk scissors properly. Store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. This ideally should be a scissors pouch or box. Keep the blades closed to avoid any injury.
  3. Sharpen them
    Make sure you always keep your blades sharp on your Elk scissors. Use a good quality sharpening block. Avoid small stokes on the block and instead do long strokes along the length of the blade for an even sharpening. You can always take them to a professional blade sharpener too, of course.

With the above tips, as well as some common tips such as avoiding damage, avoiding trying to cut anything that is too thick or dense and more, then your Elk scissors should last for years and years, providing you with quality, precise cuts every time. 

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