Let's talk about Zips...

Since introducing Wye Zip to Tacura.com we’ve unzipped our minds into the wonderful world of zips and have learnt a lot, it’s time to share some of our newfound knowledge with you!

To the untrained eye a zip is simply a means to fastening two edges of fabric together. But, in reality, no matter what fabric you’re dealing with, be it a bag, a cover for a jet plane or a mere jacket, a zip is actually a really important mechanical device playing a pivotal role!

So, let’s breakdown the parts of a zip and their functions.


The Tape also known as the ‘fastener element’ a thin and narrow fabric strip that acts as a bridge towards binding. One side is stitched to the fabric while the other to the teeth (we’ll get to those next). The fabric part is usually cotton, polyester or blended fibre.

The Teeth arguably the most important part of a zip, available in a variety of different materials. Their purpose – to connect and disconnect both fabric edges. Once closed this becomes the zip chain.

The Puller otherwise known as the slider, a small component that moves the teeth up and down. The purpose of this part is to open/close the zipper. By convention, the upward motion of this component is to close the zipper while the downward motion to open it (in the case of clothing).

The Stopper there are several varieties of stopper, depending on the type of zip you’re working with. Usually installed at both the ends of the zip in different forms to ensure the puller does not completely slide-off. In short, the purpose of it is to stop the puller/slider.

The Body attached to the puller to align its movement with the teeth, removing any unwanted motion that could stop the teeth from connecting into their chain effectively.


The above-mentioned parts are the main components that every zip contains. But of course, there can be more details to every part. For example, the stoppers can be various types; the pullers can be of different designs, the teeth type can also vary, etc. But the general components are the ones mentioned above.

Types of zip

Depending upon the opening you require, there are various types of zips, such as open-ended, closed-ended, two-way and continuous chain zips.


Open-ended zips These zips are ones that open fully so that the two sides of the zip separate from each other. For example, these may be used on a jacket or cardigan so you can open it all the way. These come in different styles for example Plastic Open End, Nylon Open End, Metal Open End and Heavy-Duty Open End. Different styles of open-end zip can be used on your garment depending on how heavy your fabric is.   

Closed-ended zips Like the name implies the opposite of an open-end zip, this type of zip is used in mattresses, clothing, and luggage when you don’t want the zip to come apart. Multiple lengths, gauge, colours and materials are available.

Two-way zips A zip which is popular in backpacks, suitcases, overalls and outdoor clothing is sometimes referred to as a dual or double zip. The wearer can open from either end to give flexibility and in some cases security, by being able to padlock the two zips together.

Continuous chain zips These zips do not have a beginning or an end point (no starter box or zip stops). Supplied on a reel with loose zip sliders for final assembly by the end user. Types vary between nylon continuous coil with 3mm or 5mm teeth and 5mm plastic moulded teeth for more heavy duty uses. All the closed end zips have a Single Slider. This range of zip fasteners is suitable for a wide range of applications in the manufacture of, furniture, clothing, luggage and leisure goods.

Wye Zip specialises in supplying zips for a variety of sectors: mattresses, furniture, clothing leather goods, footwear, technical, transportation, home, marquees, tents, etc. We are confident that we can support the configurations that our customers need and can offer a quick turnaround of custom solutions* to meet clients’ requirements.

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*Custom solutions are available but may be subject to minimum order quantities and a longer lead time.