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What do you think of when you hear the term scissor? To many people, what they think of is a basic tool that is used for cutting. It’s something so simple that even a child can use. However, when you start to look at professional scissors, things can start to get a little more confusing.

It becomes apparent that there are an array of scissor types all of which have different uses. Then there are the brands to consider to ensure that you’re getting the best performance from your chosen cutting tool.

In this article, we’re looking to simplify things for you. We’re going to focus on some of the leading brands in scissors so that you know just what they offer, their price points, and how they can be used. The brands that we’re going to be considering are: 

If you’re ready to get to know more about these exceptional cutting tools, then read on...

KAI professional scissors

KAI Scissors | Tacura

If you already know a little about scissors, you’ve probably already come across KAI professional scissors. This is a company that has been producing some of the very best in scissors for over 100 years. KAI is a company based in Japan and you can be sure of the utmost in quality with everything that it produces.

Just one of the many great things about KAI professional scissors is the finishing touches, such as the fact that every pair is hand polished. You’ll find that every pair is perfectly balanced and that the hardened steel blades are ideal for a wide range of fabrics and materials. 

KAI professional scissors - uses

When it comes to selecting the right scissors for the right task, you can be confident that KAI professional scissors will cater for your needs. With the likes of embroidery scissors, pinking shears, and left-handed scissors, the KAI range is certainly extensive.

Whether your task involves working with minute detail, or whether you’re project is a little more heavy-duty, KAI has the right product for you. On our site, we carry 40 different KAI products. Lesser-known companies focus only on the basics while KAI has created a range that meets all needs.

KAI professional scissors - price points

One thing that can be said about KAI professional scissors is that they’re not cheap. Of course, given the quality that’s on offer here, you simply wouldn’t expect them to be. That being said, they are still priced within a range that makes them accessible.

This is a quick summary of the price ranges you can expect when looking at some of the most commonly purchased KAI scissors:

Of course, the differing price points also include a range of scissors but overall, for scissors of such exceptional quality, they are still affordable.

ELK professional scissors

Again, if you have any experience with scissors, you’ll have at least read about ELK professional scissors. This is a company that makes over 80 types of scissors all made by traditional methods. ELK points out that its products are all made from the best quality raw materials and states that this gives its products a superior quality over any other.

Unsurprisingly, given the wide range of products available, ELK has scissors that are suitable for practically any project that you may come across. These are scissors that are durable and you can be sure that they will last.

ELK professional scissors - uses

The fact that we carry over 80 different types of ELK professional scissors you can be sure that there is something to suit every project. Again, there’s a range of embroidery scissors for when attention to detail is a must. There are also shears in an array of sizes that come in useful for those more heavy-duty tasks. 

The truth is that if you can conceive a task where scissors are needed, you can be sure that the ELK range has you covered. The best thing that you can do is to browse the range yourself so that you can see how extensive it really is.

ELK professional scissors - price points

With ELK professional scissors you are purchasing a top-quality product that is made to last. With the quality being as high as it is, you may be surprised to see just how affordable these scissors really are. Given the fact that these are made to last, it makes sense to invest here rather than continually repurchase some of the cheaper/lower quality competitors.

Here’s a look at the prices of the most commonly purchased ELK scissors:

FISKARS professional scissors

Even if you’ve never heard the name, you’d certainly recognise FISKARS professional scissors when you saw them. This is the brand with the iconic orange handles that became a staple in many households. For over 50 years, this company has been producing shears and scissors that are effective, yet affordable.

FISKARS scissors feature ground stainless steel blades, but there’s something else here that really sets them apart from other brands: the quality of the handles. These handles are all about comfort as well as practicality.

FISKARS professional scissors - uses

When you mention the brand, FISKARS, it is one that almost everyone has heard of. As we looked at above, those distinctive orange handles make them instantly recognisable and there’s a very good chance that households across the UK have had a pair at some point.

The thing is though, FISKARS isn’t just about household scissors. They make a range of professional tools that, just like the other brands that we’ve explored so far, can be used for a multitude of projects. Again, if your project requires scissors, this brand will have the right pair for you.

FISKARS professional scissors - price points

Perhaps one of the reasons that FISKARS professional scissors are quite so well known is the fact that they are affordable. The advice to anyone buying professional scissors is to always invest as much as you can afford and not scrimp. When it comes to FISKARS, you can be sure that you’re buying top quality but at an affordable price.

Here’s a look at the prices that you can expect to pay:

KRETZER professional scissors

It was back in 1923 that Kretzer professional scissors were first produced. Based in Germany, this is a company that is fanatical about the quality of the products that it produces. Given that it makes around 1.3 million scissors every year, there’s little doubting that what Kretzer makes is in demand.

Kretzer is keen to boast about its long history and experience. It’s also keen to point out that it’s through the use of master craftsmen's skills that it’s able to produce such high-quality goods.

KRETZER professional scissors - uses

Our range of Kretzer professional scissors may not seem as extensive as some of the other ranges that we carry, but don’t let that fool you. The reality here is that Kretzer still has a tool that’s suitable for practically every task that’s imaginable. 

The fact that Kretzer makes over 1 million pairs of scissors every year is proof enough that they can cater for a wide range of needs. Certainly, when you take a look at the products that we stock, we’d be highly surprised if you couldn’t find something that wasn’t suitable. 

KRETZER professional scissors - price points

Kretzer is another brand of professional scissors that’s exceptionally affordable. Given the quality, and the history, of the brand, you may expect these scissors to be out of reach. We’re pleased to say that they’re certainly not.

As we’ve done with the other brands so far, here’s a look at the kind of prices that you can expect to pay:

Final thoughts

Anyone who makes regular use of scissors will understand the importance of acquiring a pair that is just right. You need to be sure that they feel right in your hand, and that they’re capable of completing the task that you’ve bought them for. We’re confident in saying that scissors from KAI, ELK, FISKARS, and Kretzer are all up there with the very best.

While the KAI range comes in at a higher price point, in general, this shouldn’t detract from what it has to offer. The quality is certainly worth every penny. That being said, there is still exceptional quality being offered by these other well-known, and respected brands.

Certainly, if budget is of major concern to you, but you still want to invest in the best that you can, FISKARS could be the perfect choice. Why not take a browse of our entire range and find the perfect professional scissors for you?


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