Martin's Rubber Company using TACURA curved scissors

Martin’s Rubber have been solving problems since 1865.

They do it using rubber technology. That means using the materials experts, toolmaking knowledge, rubber moulding process and experience, manufacturing skills and test equipment that they have on site – all at their fingertips. The tougher the problem, the happier they are.

Success across 150 years in business doesn’t happen by accident. Martin’s Rubber have some of the most highly skilled rubber moulding industry experts working both with and for them. The heavy equipment they use hasn’t needed much in the way of alterations or changes over a very long period. However, its integration with cutting-edge software, and Martin’s innovation in research techniques and materials development, certainly has.

Martin’s Rubber Company mould anything rubber, from grommets to gaskets and seals.

In recent years they have been part of some elaborate projects especially in the automotive industry, with memorable moments including working on a hyper car project for a luxury British car manufacturer and working with a number of formula one teams in innovating their products, helping them find new ways to be the best in their industry.

TACURA supply Martin’s Rubber with 90mm/3.5" ELK Double Pointed Curved Blades (made from nickel plated carbon steel). The scissors are very popular in the rubber industry for trimming mouldings, but are also very good for embroidery applications for quick & accurate cutting.

Silma Gallagher, Production Planner for Martin’s Rubber Company informs us that the team couldn’t do without their TACURA scissors and we’re proud to supply such a well established and innovative company.

Download a copy of the case study here.