Which tagging gun is best for you?

If you’re involved with marking up your merchandise with the correct prices, you’ll already know how important the choice of tagging gun is. When you’re dealing with fine garments one minute and perhaps something a little more heavy-duty the next, your tagging gun needs to be fit for purpose.

Using tagging guns that aren’t the best fit can cause your business a couple of issues. Firstly, you may find that prices simply don’t stay in place and this damages the customer experience. Secondly, the wrong tagging gun and tagging needles have the potential to damage your merchandise.

We’re going to take a look at some of the best tagging gun brands, all available in our Specialist Tagging Equipment & Accessories collection. This overview will help you to see what’s out there so that you can, more easily, choose the right one for you.

When are tagging guns used?

Perhaps the most common use of tagging guns can be seen on clothing. They provide the ideal way to price up items of clothing and to ensure that they remain in place. It’s not just clothing though. You will also find that tagging guns are can be used on almost all kinds of fabric. You can see them being utilised for the likes of:

  • Shoes
  • Linen
  • Throws
  • Pillows
  • Cuddly toys
  • Items of furniture and sampling gear

This list is hardly definitive. However, what it does do is highlight the diverse uses that exist for tagging guns. This shows, even more, why choosing the right one is essential. Let’s explore some of the tagging gun brands now.

Top tagging gun brands

Here, we’re going to spend some time considering some of the very best tagging gun brands. These are names that are instantly recognisable within the industry and are all known for producing tagging guns of the best quality.:


If you’re looking for Standard Mk3 tagging guns that are made to last, those from the brand Arobee should be high on your list. As well as being robust and long-lasting, you’ll also find that they are comfortable to hold and can be used with ease. Its brightly coloured finish also means that there is little chance of it being lost.

The Arobee is an all-around tagging gun. it is suited to almost all applications and can be relied upon to do its job.


Another well-respected tagging gun brand, Arrow produces the  Standard Mk1 Gun which what is considered one of the best economical tag guns that exist. Being economical certainly doesn’t impact the usability of this tagging gun and you’ll find that its operation is almost effortless.

This tagging gun is capable of being used for a variety of fabrics and it works equally well with standard, medium, and heavyweight. Despite this being at the lower end of the price scale, you will still find that it is highly durable and built to last.

Avery Dennison

There are times when tagging guns need to be industrial strength and have the ability to deal with the most heavy-duty materials that there are. Other times, what is needed is a much finer touch. This is when the Avery Dennison fine tagging gun comes in.

This tagging gun brand is there whenever you need a fine application. While being economical, it is also highly reliable and durable.


This tagging gun brand comes from Japan and provides another option for those who are looking for a more delicate touch. Most commonly used in the apparel industry, you will find that Banok tagging guns also have a wide range of uses.

The Banok MK1 will work well with any Standard or Fine micro-spaced attachments. It is also a versatile tagging gun that is compatible with Polyprop & Nylon attachments when that added insertion strength is needed.  Available in S, SL, X & XL.

Fire A Tag

As far as tagging gun brands go, Fire A Tag is certainly well known and respected in the industry. The MK11 tagging gun uses all standard attachments. It also uses standard MK11 tagging needles. These tagging guns are ideal for when you want to attach labels to any kind of garment.

K Tool

As a tagging gun brand, K Tool is another that is certainly well known. What it produces are guns that are durable and long-lasting. The levels of durability mean that they are perfectly suited to retail environments where it is common for them to be ‘used and abused’.

The K Tool Standard/Fine Mk3 Gun takes standard 50 clips as well as micro-spaced attachments and takes Mk2 Needles.

U Tach

You’ll find this tagging gun brand is widely used in garment and soft furnishing factories. This is a gun that works fantastically well with micro spaced and standard 50 clip attachments. The guns are so popular because of how lightweight they are.

The way in which these guns operate is something else that makes them so popular. With a single press, you can attach the tags that you need and be confident of continuous use that is jam-free.  Available in Standard & Fine and takes Mk2 Needles.

V Tool

The V Tool Loop Gun takes the strain out of putting loops onto products. This gun is highly versatile and is used for the likes of kitchen utensils, sporting items, handbags, sunglasses, belts, and many more items. Use for any application where a hole can’t be made with a conventional tagging gun.

Something that makes the V Tool gun so popular is the fact that it’s lightweight, durable, and reliable. This makes it more comfortable to use over longer periods of time. Operator fatigue is a common worry for those using tagging guns, but the design of this one does away with that worry.


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