Canine Constabulary. Image from BBC Scotland.

There are around 2,500 police service dogs operating within police forces across the UK, from tracking suspects to assisting officers with crowd control. We are now accustomed to seeing our four-legged friends in recognisable, specialised harnesses alongside their uniformed colleagues, but they weren't always as well equipped, let's take a look where it all began.  

In 1908, four Airedale Terriers named Jim, Vic, Mick and Ben, became the first dogs used by the British Transport Police to accompany officers in patrolling Hull Docks at night. Trained to protect the Police uniform, these dogs were the ideal companion for their handlers in apprehending thieves and locating people sleeping rough amongst cargo. They were trained to obey a police whistle and to chase and stop anyone who ran away from them. To find out more about the early career of Police dogs click here.

There have been several advances in the use of dogs in Police service over the last 114 years. Early Police dogs were supplied with simple muzzles and leads that could be removed by handlers prior to approaching a suspect. Nowadays Police K9 companions are equipped with some pretty cool uniform of their own.

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